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Pickleball Holiday

Memel: The Birthplace of Pickleball in Africa

Learn “The Fastest Growing Sport in America” from Pickleball Magazine author, Steven Ablondi.

Be PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN by playing on the First Dedicated Pickleball Court in Africa! Receive instructions, tips, advice, practice and play on private courts in our secluded compound in Memel, Free State. Pickleball equipment, meals, accommodation in our guest house included. Accomodation available from Friday pm through Sunday mid-day.

PRICING: Ask about our two-night weekend with an Introductory Special: Companions 50% Off! Please contact us.


Our Memel accommodations provide a tactile, visceral experience of living in a sustainable, natural environment. They include nicely renovated antique homes, and new construction built of rammed earth – beautifully daylit, and connected to the outside world. Nestled into the Memel Organics smallholding, the guesthouses are located on the future site of the Drakensberg Club and Cohousing Community.

Designed by Caddis PC architects and built by Bright Mariko and Ted Kellogg, the guesthouse is based on contemporary, climate-driven design principles that create an elegant human habitation experience. We built the guesthouse to show what’s possible with new approaches to architecture and construction techniques – ideas we’re also putting to use as we create the Drakensberg Club and Cohousing Community, and that were demonstrated further in a Zamani microcommunity.

With direct-gain, passive-solar construction, the new construction is perfect for Memel’s elevation and climate. The project was purposefully labor-intensive to meet the needs of South Africa’s economy. Cabinetry and finishes were handmade and crafted with reclaimed materials. The floors utilize radiant slabs that are heated by the sun. 

Reserve your weekend today. Forward your proof of payment to us on WhatsApp: either +27 82 470 9409 or +27 79 144 311; or via email on the contact page of the Memel.Global website. Please indicate your preferred weekend.


Memel Pickleball Holiday


Join us for a Pickleball Holiday at Memel Organics! Enjoy a two-night weekend with an Introductory Special: Companions 50% Off!<br/ ><br/ > Make your reservations here. Please select an option from the dropdown by clicking the arrow.<br/ ><br/ > Note: Rand payments are accepted by PayPal. When you checkout your purchase, Paypal will transfer your…

Pickleball Articles

Read about Memel’s pickleball story in a Pickleball Magazine article by author, Steven Ablondi! Learn More

Contact Steven for prices and details. Please contact us.