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boy eating carrotHearing Aids

We are working with an American hearing aid manufacturer to provide hearing aid devices for any Memel and Zamani residents who need them. Hearing loss can be a big barrier for successful employment, and our hope is that access to hearing aids will mean greater economic security for those who live in our community. Replicating this effort beyond South Africa, Memel.Global has arranged for this same company to provide hearing aids at refugee camps around the world.

Sanitary Napkin Machine

Two SheWinS volunteers talked to women in Zamani and asked them to identify their biggest need. Their response? Menstrual pads. Many girls and women in the township don’t have access to menstrual supplies, and many girls don’t attend school while they are menstruating. The SheWinS volunteers held a fundraiser and subsequently bought a machine from an inventor in India. Memel.Global is now actively providing free menstrual pads to young women who need them.