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“Seemingly smallest moments of connection and friendship, be it teaching, coaching, learning, or playing, can have immeasurable effects.  You never know how the work you have done and the relationships you have built will affect someone’s decision making in the future, be it tomorrow or in 20 years.”

– Beth Henkle, SheWinS, 2012, 2013 & 2014



“I have been coaching now for almost ten years and I have yet to come across a group of kids who were more excited to play the game of soccer. The young women in Memel came to practice with a fire in their hearts and a true appreciation for the opportunity…”

-Kelsey Hans, SheWinS, 2009


IMG_0997“SheWinS allows the girls to understand that their self worth does not solely lie in their ability to attract men, bear and raise children, and tend to a home. They begin to define themselves through their hobbies, their choices, and their strong suits, not simply through their gender-based obligations and biology.”

-Eliza Bryant & Natalie Hutton, SheWinS, 2013


“I was aware that I would be changing their lives, although I had little knowledge of the ways in which they would change me. Forming these bonds that will last for the rest of my life completely changed the person that I am, and that I aspire to be.”

-Hannah Young, SheWinS, 2012