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Memel Organics

Memel Organics is a CSA providing produce primarily to customers in Pretoria. CSA – which stands for community-supported agriculture – is a way for customers to invest in a farm and get a portion of the harvest each week in return. CSA customers share in the risk and share in the reward.

Through participating in the Memel Organics CSA, customers provide economic benefit and education to the Memel-Zamani community. In turn, Memel Organics delivers high-quality, healthy, great-tasting produce to its customers, 26 weeks each year. We grow and harvest organic produce according to permaculture techniques, which ensure sustainability and self-sufficiency. This food is also made available to locals through a seasonal farm stand on the main street of Memel.

How Memel Organics Helps the People of Memel and Zamani

If you employ one person in a township, say some economists, you support eight other people in that community.

When you sign on as a customer of Memel Organics, you’re getting more than great produce: you’re also getting the satisfaction of helping to build a sustainable community. Memel Organics is one of the biggest employers in the region.

Memel Organics employees are paid a decent wage. They also receive job training and learn permaculture methods for raising their own food.

Permaculture and organic seeds are provided to the grannies who maintain home gardens in Zamani as well as anyone else who is interested in the region.