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The story of Memel.Global

Memel.Global draws on decades of practical experience to strengthen Memel and the township of Zamani by maintaining an array of sustainable programs that target the economic and social well-being of the community.

Memel.Global Group PhotoFocusing first on empowering women and girls to transform their community, and meet social needs, Memel.Global provides suitable housing for families and the elderly, while supporting health, primary education, sports, and the arts.  

The employment and economic needs of the community are addressed with jobs training, use of new building techniques, development of housing projects, introduction of new agricultural practices, establishment of new private-sector enterprises and the development and promotion of tourism.  

Memel enriches visitors and volunteers while serving as a model community that provides a window into the development process for curious professionals in relevant fields.



Meet some of the people behind Memel.Global:

  • Steven Ablondi

    Before founding Memel.Global, Steven worked in a number of capacities with the UN and non-governmental organizations. Together with his wife, Cindy Burns, he served in humanitarian operations in Cambodia, Bosnia and in central Africa. Steven also brings a law degree and a background in commercial real estate development to his work in South Africa.

  • Cindy Burns

    Cindy worked for humanitarian organizations in Africa and southeast Asia before joining the UN system. She then worked with refugees in Cambodia, Haiti and Bosnia before becoming Senior Policy Advisor at UNHCR in Geneva. She was later UNHCR country representative in Uganda while undertaking other missions to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • Bryan Bowen

    Bryan graduated from Carnegie Mellon and is a principal architect at Caddis P.C., a multidisciplinary design collaborative in Boulder, Colorado. Bryan has been designing cohousing communities since 2000 and teaches green building techniques at Naropa University. He brings his interest in cohousing and energy-efficient affordable housing to his work with Memel.Global.


Our partners:

Memel.Global is affiliated with Memel Organics, Izandla Community Solutions, Izandla Organics, Caddis Architects, Amber Desert Properties, Castle Crest Properties, Consiglio Properties, The Leadership Dialogue, SheWinS, Go Slow Cycling and an exciting and ever-growing array of individual international investors.